What Not to Ask a Woman on PlentyOfFish

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PlentyOfFish (POF) online dating site is known for its high success rate. There are thousands of couples met each other for the first time from this free dating platform, and many of them even successfully got married. However, there are also many members who have yet to find a match even if they have joined the platform for years. According to studies, men and women have different reasons on why they fail to find a match in this dating site. But when it comes to men, the main reason is simply because they ask the wrong question when sending a message to a woman. They fail because they don’t know what not to ask a woman on PlentyOfFish.

Contrary to popular belief, physical appearance or income level is not the first thing women look when they want to find a match in POF. Of course they will not say no to a nice, rich and good looking man. But when it comes to relationship, most women prefer someone who can make them feel safe. That is the main keyword-safety. This is why men who have no idea what not to ask a woman on PlentyOfFish will not find a match in this platform. Because they fail to make those women feel safe.

According to research, there is one question that makes many women feel threatened. The question turns out to be: “hey, do you want to meet up?” or something like that. So, if you are a single men that want to find a nice woman in POF, make sure you know what not to ask a woman on PlentyOfFish and avoid asking that dangerous question. Maybe that question seems harmless to you. What’s so wrong about asking a woman out, especially since you want to have a serious relationship, of course you cannot stay conversing online? So, why does it make it to the list of what not to ask a woman on PlentyOfFish?

Just because that question is harmless to you, it doesn’t mean that the women feel the same. There are several reasons why you need to pay attention on what not to ask a woman on PlentyOfFish and why women hate that specific question. Firstly, some women join an online dating site simply to have fun. They only want someone to talk to and hate the complicacy of a relationship. So, when you ask to meet them outside, they definitely will refuse.

Furthermore, it is not a secret that interacting with a stranger can be very dangerous. There are also many stalking or rape cases come from online dating. As a result, women tend to be more careful and guarded when a men from online dating platform ask them out on a date. Knowing what not to ask a woman on PlentyOfFish can be a great way to make the women feel safer. In addition to learning what not to ask a woman on PlentyOfFish, timing and your manner of asking is also important. If you ask them out politely after knowing each other for a good amount of time, it is very likely that she will not refuse to go out on a date with you someday.