Things Men hate about Female POF Profiles

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Plenty of Fish is an online dating service with one of the highest success rate in the world. The company was launched in 2003 and headquarter is in Vancouver, British Columbia. Even though Plenty of Fish has extremely high success rates, there are still many members that find difficulties in finding a match, especially women. There are many reasons why some women can find match easily while some others don’t. But according to POF data, the main reason why many women failed to find love in this site is because there is something wrong with their profile that turned off the men. Here are some of the things men hate about female POF profiles along with the reason they hate those particular aspects.

There Is No Profile Picture

People said that men are visual creatures so they are attracted by looks the most. As a result, profile that doesn’t have any images on it is one of the things that men hate about female POF profiles. Even though personality is the most important thing in relationship, it is undeniable that when it comes to online dating, it is impossible to fall in love with someone’s personality first. So, if you are considering to not upload any pictures to your Plenty of Fish profile, don’t be surprised if no one is visiting your profile because imageless profile is one of the things men hate about female POF profiles.

The Profile Only Has Face Shot of the Women

There are still plenty of things men hate about female POF profiles. Even if you have uploaded an attractive image to your Plenty of Fish profile, the men can still hate it if the picture only displays your face. Face shot is also one of the things men hate about female POF profiles because beside the face, men also want to see the women’s body type. Both men and women have their own preference when it comes to body type so there is nothing wrong about choosing a person based on their body type. Many women avoid uploading body length shot because they are not confident about their body. But there is no reason to be not confident because different men will have different body type preference.

The Information in the Profile Is Not Complete

Physical appearance is not the only important factor in relationship. Personality, hobbies and interests also can be a determining factor. This is why incomplete profile is also one of the things men hate about female POF profiles. If you don’t mention your hobbies or interests, the other Plenty of Fish users will have a hard time knowing you. If they think there is nothing in common between you and them, they definitely will not be interested to message you.

It turns out that there are so many things men hate about female POF profiles. So, make sure to take those tips above into consideration when creating your profile. If you really want to find love from Plenty of Fish free dating platform, then don’t hesitate to show your true self in your POF profile.