Say Goodbye to Fat Women on Plenty of Fish

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You definitely want to be in a relationship with your ideal type. Not only it will be fun, the relationship also will go more smoothly if the personality of your partner matches yours. Unfortunately, finding your ideal type among billions of people in the world is not easy. To make your quest of finding the love of your life easier, you can join Plenty of Fish online dating platform. With Plenty of Fish on your side, finding a soul mate will become less challenging, especially if you are very specific about your ideal type, for example you want to say goodbye to fat women on Plenty of Fish.

As a very popular online dating site, Plenty of Fish provides various interesting features that make finding a new date easier and more exciting. Some of the most favorite features of this website is Personality Assessments, Meet Me, Match Algorithms, Favorites, Flirts, Viewed Me, Local Events, Mobile Users, Call, Email Updates and Top Prospects. With those features, you can find the person that matches your personality and this platform is perfect if you want to search someone with this following types:

  1. A person with good education
  2. A person with slim body type so you can say goodbye to fat women on Plenty of Fish
  3. A person with good health, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t do drug.

It is okay if you want to say goodbye to fat women on Plenty of Fish because everybody has their own ideal type. But now the question is, why do you keep seeing BBW on the Meet Me section or the search result? How to say goodbye to fat women on Plenty of Fish and find the slim women instead?

To say goodbye to fat women on Plenty of Fish, you need to edit your profile first. Firstly, login to your account and then go to Edit Profile page. In the About You section, there are some series of questions that you need to answer. They are just some Yes or No questions, but it is important to take them seriously because your answers can determine whether or not you will be able to say goodbye to fat women on Plenty of Fish.

One of the questions that you need to answer is “Would you date someone that has BBW or a few extra pounds selected as a body type?” You will have three different options of answer—Yes, No, and I only date a few extra pounds or BBW. Since you want to say goodbye to fat women on Plenty of Fish, of course you should answer No. Once you save the answers, your profile will be less likely to appear in the feed of Plenty of Fish members with big body type. This way, there will be no BBW contacting you.

Body type is important but it is not the only things to consider in a person you want to start relationship with. So, make sure you answer the other questions well. Those questions include “Do you smokes?”, “Do you drink?”, “Do you have pets?” and many more.