POF What Does the Green Dot Mean

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POF what does the green dot mean on your Plenty of Fish profile? Find out the right answer here so you can use POF features better. In this modern era, many people are looking for love in online dating sites. Speaking of online dating website, Plenty of Fish is certainly the most popular. This free dating platform was found back in 2003 by Markus Frind and after 15 years, it manages to attract more than 100 million people to register to the site. If you live in Canada, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom or United States and currently looking for a new date, you certainly need to make Plenty of Fish account because this online dating site is the most popular in those countries.

POF is praised for its great and easy to use features. Plenty of Fish registered users can use search engine, match algorithm, personal assessment, Viewed Me, Meet Me, POF mobile app and favorites to help them find a potential match and also keep their relationships prospering. However, even though the features are very user friendly, there are some things in the website that make them confused. For example, POF what does the green dot mean? When you see your profile or other members’ profiles, you will notice the green dot just beside their profile. Actually POF what does the green dot mean? Is it something you should pay attention to?

When you are using Plenty of Fish free dating platform, maybe you will only focus on the most essential features like messaging or Viewed Me. Maybe you don’t really pay attention to the green dot to the point that you don’t know POF what does the green dot mean. Many new users also don’t really understand about this. It is very common to see new Plenty of Fish users go to POF related forums and ask, POF what does the green dot mean? There are also other POF icons that many users don’t really pay attention to, such as hourglass, white circle, and clock signals. But since green dot and the other icons are actually very important, let’s find out the answer for this question. POF what does the green dot mean on POF profile? Let’s find out the meaning of other icons as well.

  1. POF what does the green dot mean? If you see this icon in a profile, it means the user is currently online.
  2. Yellow sign or Clock means that the user is currently away and that user was using his account not a long time ago.
  3. Red means the user is busy. So, if you send message to user with red dot on their profile, you should not expect fast responses.
  4. Empty circle means the user is currently offline. You can still send them messages or gifts. But you need to wait until the user is back online to get a reply.

So, do you know now POF what does the green dot mean? If you see a user with green dot, don’t hesitate to contact them. If you don’t want to make random interaction, you can take the chemistry test first to find out which member matches your personality. And when the green dot appears in those users’ profile, you can start messaging them and expect good results.