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POF webmaster is the people that work hard to develop the site and keep it running. When there is problem with the site, they are the one that will solve it. It is impossible to talk about online dating service without mentioning Plenty of Fish. This is because Plenty of Fish is the largest dating site in the world with over 100 million users. This platform has created so many success stories because it has so many active users and more than 10 million Plenty of Fish members go online every single day. Besides in its home country, Canada, Plenty of Fish free dating site is the most popular in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil and Ireland.

Behind the success of this website, the role of POF webmaster certainly cannot be forgotten. POF webmaster is the group of people that develop Plenty of Fish online dating website and also responsible in keeping the site running. Speaking of POF webmaster, do you know what webmaster actually is? What are their roles and what kind of jobs they do? If you are curious about this profession, you can continue reading this article.

Webmaster is one of the professions in the field of technology. Webmaster has plenty of responsibilities and also handle various jobs that they also often referred as web developer, we administrator or web programmer. But basically, the main responsibility of a webmaster is to maintain a website and keeps it running. The same goes for POF webmaster. The management and maintenance of POF website is on the hands of the Plenty of Fish webmasters. The hard working POF webmaster must develop new features and programs as well as keep everything updated to ensure the convenience of Plenty of Fish users when they are using the site. This is definitely not an easy task since they have to make sure that the website is easy to use, interesting and also able to attract more visitors.

Besides developing the website, POF webmaster is also responsible in troubleshooting problems that might occur on the website. Just like any other websites, Plenty of Fish also often experience technical problems. It is not uncommon to see Plenty of Fish members complained about problems they experience when trying to access the website. One of the most common problems experienced by Plenty of Fish users is difficulties in going back to the previous page after visiting a profile. When POF users visit the profile of other POF members, everything worked well. But when they click the back arrow to return to the previous page, instead of granting their wish, a dialog box of “Malformed URL” appeared. The users try to click the “OK” button on the box, but another dialog box will appear. As a result, they did not have any choice but close the tab and start over.

Plenty of Fish is a popular site so overloaded server is also a common problem. Furthermore, there are also many other problems the users have reported such as login problems and issues with Javascript. Sometimes, the problems can easily be solved by the users themselves. For example, the users can clear their cookies or simply refresh the page. But if those tricks don’t work, it means the problems need to be solved by POF webmaster.