How to Find a Hidden Profile on POF

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There are many ways to find love. One of them is by joining Plenty of Fish online dating site. There are many advantages Plenty of Fish members can get from this site. They will not only have a chance to find their soul mate, but also interact with many interesting people and make new friends.

Joining a popular online dating site like Plenty of Fish can be overwhelming sometimes. This is why many people hide their profile so not many people will be able to contact them. But what if your soul mate turns out to be one of those people who hide their Plenty of Fish profile? You don’t have to worry about this because you can still find them if you know how to find a hidden profile on POF.

So, now let’s find out the steps on how to find a hidden profile on POF. To improve user experience POF allows its members to hide their profile. However, when you hide your profile, it doesn’t mean that you are completely invisible. Your profile is still stored in the website’s search database. It is just get re-indexed so it doesn’t appear in the search engine. This is why users who know how to find a hidden profile on POF will still be able to find you.

When you hide your POF profile, your profile will not appear in the Basic and Advanced Search. However, people can still find your profile if they search by username. It means, the first trick on how to find a hidden profile on POF that we are going to learn is by using Username Search feature. So, how to find a hidden profile on POF using Username Search? This is very simple. You simply need to go to Plenty of Fish official website, and then click Search. You will see the three Search feature of Plenty of Fish. Basic Search, Advanced Search and Username Search. Don’t click Basic or Advanced search because those features will not be able to display hidden profile. Instead, click Username Search and simply type any keyword that you can think of. The search result will display every member whose username contains that specific keyword. It means, you don’t have to worry if you don’t know the specific username of a Plenty of Fish member because the search result will display partially matching result as well.

Now that you know how to find a hidden profile on POF, what do you think? Is it easy enough? If it is too complicated, there is another trick on how to find a hidden profile on POFthat you can learn. To do the second trick, you need to use Plenty of Fish Username Search program. It is a free program that you can easily find in the internet. It is not the same feature with Plenty of Fish’ Username Search but it works the same way. You only need to put the full username of the users you want to search or simply put a keyword. As long as the users that you want to search are still members of Plenty of Fish, the search result will show it even if their profile is hidden.