How to Delete POF Account on App

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How to Delete POF Account on App? Is it the same with PC? But, before we answer that question, you must understand how fun Plenty of Fish really is isn’t it? More than 100,000 users said that this is fun service.  And, because this is online dating website, that means you can find your soul mates here. With that numbers of people join this website; you will have higher chance to find one. Plenty of Fish also offers lot of helps for you who want to go to next steps of relationship. Once you find user that you thing interesting, you can chat with them. And, you have freedom here to talk about any topic that you want. You can talk about something that makes you and those users closer each other, such as tell them about yourself, what kind of partner you want and relationship things. Then, you can find your loved one this way. Now, let’s move to How to Delete POF Account on App question.

Why people want to know How to Delete POF Account on App, if they can do so much fun with this app. For example, you can share your hobbies, your favorite books or food, and other. The reason is there are also times when your adventure in Plenty of Fish doesn’t give you what you want. Instead, you only get annoying response from other users, from harsh word, being rude and many others. This is what makes those users want to know How to Delete POF Account on App. The other reason is they have found their soul mates. So, having this application installed on their mobile gadget isn’t that important. It’s only wasting the memory and space. Moreover, it also can become the source of huge problem, when your couple found it, that you still have it. Even though you don’t use it, but still, it will only make your loved one suspicious. That’s why you need to know How to Delete POF Account on App.

Now, How to Delete POF Account on App? It’s simple and it’s also different for Android and iOS user. For Android users, you need to open the app on Google PlayStore. Next, open “Account” menu and login using your account. You can find this menu in PlayStore menu. Next, find “Subscriptions” menu and choose it. At there, find POF app and choose it and tap “Cancel” button to cancel subscription. Tap “Yes” as the last confirmation for deleting POF account and cancelling your POF subscription. And, that’s how it was done. Now, you can use your Android phone without be bothered by Plenty of Fish app.

How to Delete POF Account on App for iOS user? First, go to Setting menu. Choose iTunes and App Store. Then, choose “Apple ID”, then “View Apple ID”. At the new page, you can find “Subscriptions” menu. Choose it and find Plenty of Fish subscription. You may need to do login using your account first before you choose the “Cancel Subscription”. After that, your iOS gadget will be freed from POF app.